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    Dr. Maynard Brusman and Working Resources

    "Maynard Brusman is one of the foremost coaches in the United States. He is continually sought by other executive coaches to provide counsel on important business and leadership issues.

    He utilizes a wide variety of assessments in his work with senior executives and upper level managers, and is adept at helping his clients both develop higher levels of emotional intelligence and achieve breakthrough business results. Dr. Brusman is also highly skilled in the areas of personnel selection and assessment, and multi-rater 360-degree feedback.

    As a workshop leader, Dr. Brusman brings exceptional creativity and enthusiasm to his presentations. He has a unique way of connecting with everyone in the group. His workshops are lively, interactive and practical.

    As a senior leader in the executive coaching field, Dr. Brusman brings an exceptional level of wisdom, energy, and creativity to his work."

    Jeffrey E. Auerbach, Ph.D., President, College of Executive Coaching

    “Dr. Maynard Brusman has been our business coach and trusted advisor for the past three years. We find Maynard to be extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. He is someone we have learned to trust and whose judgment we can rely on.

    Maynard Brusman has the ability to show warmth, empathy and genuineness. He has a helpful attitude, and is available and responsive. He listens, is objective, and offers useful advice and personal service. He often plays multiple roles as a strategy thought partner, facilitator, and business advisor. In his role as an Executive Coach, he focuses on assessment, feedback, and the development of management and leadership skills.

    Dr. Brusman has planned and led two highly successful Retreats for our Law Firm focusing on work/life balance and vision, mission, values, and strategic direction. He has helped us individually in his role as an Executive Coach, and as a consultant to our Firm in the following areas:

    • Interpersonal communication
    • Relationship development
    • Work/life balance
    • Time management
    • Conflict management
    • Job satisfaction
    • Selection and assessment of attorneys
    • Business development
    • Strategic planning
    • Characteristics of good leadership

    We highly recommend Dr. Brusman as a coach and consultant for attorneys, law firms, and 9 other individuals and professional service organizations. “


    Faricy & Roen, PA
    Craig Roen, Law Firm Senior Partner
    John Faricy, Law Firm Senior Partner

    “I have had the pleasure and the good fortune to have been able to work with Dr. Brusman and I would, without hesitation, highly and sincerely recommend him to any executive interested in growth for their organization as well as for maximizing their own effectiveness as a business leader. His skill in identifying and cultivating growth potential in the individual as well as in building cohesion among team members as they endeavor to set goals and paths for their company’s future has been clearly and impressively exhibited to me in my experience working with him. Dr. Brusman’s mastery of tact and his skill in assessing the nature of the interpersonal dynamic, in terms of the individual as well as the management team, are unquestionably two of his many strong suits.

    I have worked with Dr. Brusman personally in his Executive Coaching program. Additionally, I have retained him for a similar program with other members of my senior staff. I have also worked with him on several crucial leadership issues and problems as well as retained him as a moderator in helping the management team devise and implement strategic and key mission objectives at a management retreat that was held during a critical time in the development of the company. His experience and professional focus was clearly evident and was an integral part in the success of the program. His follow-up as well as genuine concern can be credited with keeping the team on task and focused even after the retreat. Dr. Brusman’s approach and style is clearly unique and not like typical programs that quickly dissipate to the status quo within days of the conclusion of the program.

    There is clearly no question in my mind that Dr. Brusman would be a valuable asset to any individual seeking to achieve his potential as an executive as he would be to any organization at any stage of their development. My recommendation of Dr. Brusman could not be higher.”

    Jerome Pintar, Chief Operating Officer

    Dear Maynard,

    It’s been a while since we worked together, and I wanted to let you know how things have been going. The work that we did together during 1999 and 2000 has helped to put me on a path to doing what I have always wanted to do: be a successful entrepreneur.

    In 2002, I tripled the amount that I grossed in 2001. I now have a successful corporate training, coaching and speaking company and work with clients such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Charles Schwab, Cisco Systems and Levi Strauss & Co. I set my own schedule (though I work harder than I ever have before), do work that I enjoy and see the benefit that I bring to people every day.

    The work that you did with me helped me in many ways. The most important was the confidence that you helped me to develop in myself and my professional path. Over the course of several months and some fairly rigorous work, you helped me to see the value in my skills and what I had to offer the business community. You helped me to create a vision and focus for my business and then acted as a resource and sounding board once I got the ball rolling.

    Last week, I landed a $60,000 contract with an extremely well respected R&D firm in Silicon Valley and am expanding my business to include international work and various products to supplement my income. I attribute so much of my success to the work we did together. To anyone who wants a firm, compassionate, insightful and experienced business coach to help them move forward with their life’s goals, I can’t think of a better person to work with.

    Thanks again for all your help,

    Robert Graham Founder - GrahamComm

    Dear Maynard,

    I want to thank you for your contributions to my success this past year. Our discussions of leadership attributes, modeling behaviors, dealing with conflict and influencing others have provided me with tools to achieve my goals. I really appreciate that in each session you challenge me to focus on the real issues and provide suggestions for reacting differently to given situations.

    Your ability to understand the dynamics of relationships I have with people you have only briefly met enables me to discuss issues and strategies freely. With your constant encouragement, I have come to understand and appreciate my role in these relationships.

    I’ll also point to our discussion of bringing the passion of the ball field to all I do. That was a great eye-opener for me and has created an energy in my daily efforts.

    I look forward to a continued relationship as we move on to greater heights.


    ED FAHEY, President - RINA accountancy

    Dr. Maynard Brusman has been extremely supportive to me in my efforts to improve my performance and advance my legal practice. He is easy to talk to, understands things readily and offers helpful suggestions in a positive way. Maynard has a good understanding of the legal profession and is able to provide useful insights in the variety of challenges that arise. He exercises good judgment and provides his advice in a warm, friendly manner.

    I would recommend Maynard to any legal professional who wishes to improve their effectiveness. He was very helpful to me in getting me to focus on the actions that will have the most long-term benefits and manage the other tasks that have less value. He makes sure to understand all aspects of one’s life, so that his advice helps to foster an optimal work-life balance.

    Very truly yours,

    Michael N. Conneran - Attorney

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been in the midst of a kind of “career crisis” for a couple of years and felt the need for professional assistance. Dr. Brusman attracted me because he specializes in working with lawyers who are in career transition.

    Dr. Brusman has been counseling and guiding me for the better part of a year. Through a combination of testing, questioning, gentle encouragement and practical suggestions, he has helped me to identify and articulate my personal and career goals and to take steps to achieve them. He is not afraid to challenge my assumptions or to push me to think “bigger.” Notably, he has not focused narrowly on “job searches” or mere tinkering with my law practice. Instead, he has encouraged me to think both broadly and in depth about my personal and professional needs, with an eye to bringing the two into harmony. I have greatly appreciated and benefited from my time spent with Dr. Brusman and would strongly recommend him.

    Very truly yours,

    Martin H. Dodd - Attorney

    I just wanted to thank you for your support and assistance for the executive development you provided for our two vice presidents who are CEO Succession candidates. Both have expressed to me that they are very pleased with the work that has been completed during the last 16 months.

    Stephen W. Dixon
    Director of Human Resources
    & Administrative Services
    CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company

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